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Gavin Newsom's new budget proposal could put an end to Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) / Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) program and reduced funding and programs under the Department of Developmental Services and Department of Social Services if we do not act NOW
This is only a proposal. Time to act is very short. There is still a chance to pull CBAS off the elimination list if we act now and strike hard with grassroots calls and social media. Below are some things you can do now. 
1. Call your state legislator. Find your Senator and Assemblymember web sites and contact information. Deluge leadership in Assembly and Senate with calls and emails to the Capitol office. 
2. Call your district offices – call and email district offices and leave messages if needed. They may not be aware of this proposal.
3. Share this video and help make this go viral!
Use hashtags like: #SaveCBAS #CBASSavesLives #StopCABSfromElimination #CBASisEssential 
#CAbudget #SaveADHC #ElderCareIsCriticalCare #ProtectOurElders #Eldercare
Tag California Governor: On Facebook - @CaliforniaGovernor  On Twitter - @CAgovernor  On Instagram - @cagovernor
To read the full Health and Human Service revised budget summary, please click on link:  Health and Human Services Revised Budget Summary
Youtube Video Link:  CBAS Elimination - Governor's May 2020 Budget Revision Proposal

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