Life Steps Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the health, psychological and socioeconomic challenges of people throughout their lifespan who are experiencing mental, developmental or physical disabilities.

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All of us at Life Steps Foundation are grateful to The Home Depot Foundation for generously awarding our Santa Maria Wisdom Center with a $15,000 grant to purchase much needed equipment and furniture for our new Center. This award came at a pivotal time for the Wisdom Center as we are moving to a new building opening early next year. The Home Depot Foundation and Team Depot were also gracious enough to volunteer and help set up the furniture and equipment at the new Center. It was a remarkable team effort that would not be possible without the support of the Santa Maria community and The Home Depot Foundation. For more information about the grand opening ceremony being planned for our beautiful new Center in Santa Maria, please join our mailing list or continue to check our website for updates!


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  • There's no doubt about it: If you want to live a more knowledgeable, cultural and altruistic lifestyle, then learning another language has big benefits in store.

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