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Adult Services

We premise our services on the basic tenet that all people have the right to choose how and where they want to live.

Life Steps Adult Services programs empower these individuals to become involved in their life management, make informed choices, and participate in self-advocacy.

Our service model recognizes the unique challenges that people with developmental disabilities encounter and our programs address them all, from independent living and personal fulfillment to parenting and family preservation. 

Support Living Services (SLS) 

SLS helps individuals who have developmental disabilities make informed choices about life management, including where to live (participants in this project live in their own apartments), lifestyle, roommates, leisure activities, and self-advocacy. Through training and support, we help our clients reach their goals. In a collaborative effort between the client and a Life Steps instructor, the participants learns to be autonomous, develops a circle of friends and natural supports, and becomes a positive contributor to their community. 

Independent Living Services (ILS)

ILS provides an alternative to the limitations of institutional life by offering education and training to people who have physical, emotional, and developmental challenges. Participants in this project live with their families or in another supportive environment. ILS participants work closely with Life Steps instructors to develop the skills needed to meet everyday challenges.

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