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Mission & History


Life Steps Foundation, Inc. is a fiscally responsible, culturally competent California 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to meeting the health, psychological and socioeconomic challenges of people throughout their lifespan who are experiencing mental, developmental or physical disabilities. 


Since our founding in 1982, the Life Steps Foundation has been assisting people with disabilities to acquire the confidence, training, and social and emotional support they need to overcome obstacles related to their disability. 

At times, all of us need help taking the more challenging steps in life. When someone is living with a mental, developmental or physical disability, navigating through even the most basic challenges of daily life is overwhelming. Ultimately, our clients find a better quality of life and thrive as vital members of their communities through their experience at Life Steps Foundation. 

We provide a variety of in-home and center-based caregiving and skill training programs through our network of affiliate and local community service locations across California. Our corporate team delivers administrative management support and organizational leadership through the Life Steps Foundation network.  

Our organization has a record of success in providing Californians with disabilities the high quality care and life-skills training they need to take the next step toward realizing their personal potential and achieving greater independence. For many, we are a life long partner. 

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