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Passion. That’s the common attribute of those that work for our organization.

Life Steps Foundation is a California based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which provides in-home and community-based services across the life span to those who have developmental and/or physical challenges, the frail elderly, senior citizens and parents with special needs. Our programs serve all ages and includes infant in-home and center-based programs, adult in-home and center-based programs for those who have developmental delays and center-based programs for seniors.

We our seeking a Training, Clinical and Quality Management (TCQM) Manager who will be responsible for overseeing the company’s progress toward best practices in clinical and general services. The manager will provide development and collaborative supervision to the management and training staff of the various Affiliates and Business Units by ensuring and implementing training policies, clinical scope of practice standards and quality management policies.

Essential Job Deliverables
•Oversee the company’s development and implementation of clinical, service best practices and standards of care.
•Provide leadership to the company’s TCQM functions in accordance with specific areas of expertise.
•Further the progress of the strategic plan goals of the TCQM unit as it relates to Life Steps mission; core values and culture.
•Provide guidance and training to operations TCQM trainers and operations coordinators in collaboration with operations managers/directors.
•Monitor, coordinate and audit work provided by subject matter experts contracted for specific TCQM projects.
•Coordinate auditing and monitoring of best practices and standards as specified by the TCQM unit for the work conducted by each affiliate and business unit.
•Ensure that training is within the scope of Life Steps best practices and standards.
•HIPAA oversight and knowledge management related to best practices and clinical issues.
•Special Incident Report review and consult with the various programs, ensuring that the SIR is consistent with general standards.
•Attend requested meetings (QM, staff, and supervisor) and conduct quarterly visits with the various sites.
•Assist with development of project designs, training materials, clinical policies and other TCQM mandates for clinical, service and management best practices.
•Training and policies manuals: development and updating for content
•Initiate TCQM pilots, conduct gap analyses and provide necessary oversight of TCQM services.
•Participate in the initiative to take TCQM core competencies to the community.
•Provide leadership and support for clinical case reviews and clinical oversight to projects as needed. Clinical case review and facilitation with the various programs, ensuring that the case is consistent with the individual program design.

Professional Responsibilities 

The TCQM manager will be accountable to the CEO. The manager will work collaboratively with all partners and promote and adhere to professional ethics and standards.

The TCQM manager will represent Life Steps in the community and participate in the development of Life Steps initiatives to become the best service provider in California. The manager will be knowledgeable about the company’s financial standing and function in a fiscally responsible manner when allocating financial resources under the TCQM service unit budget.

Essential Job Requirements
•Masters degree in behavioral or human services field preferred.
•Two years of clinical, supervisory and management experience.
•Two years’ experience with the CA Regional Centers, specifically Quality Management.
•Excellent writing skills.
•Experience with training, clinical and quality management systems.
•Strong team building skills.
•Good communication skills.
•Ability to articulate and practice Life Steps Foundation Culture and Core values.
•Must be able to get along with co-workers, supervisors, employees at governmental agencies, consumers and the consumers’ families.
•Basic computer skills and word processing necessary.
•Must have valid California Driver’s License and current automobile insurance.
•Must be able to attend meetings, trainings and supervision.
•Must be able to travel Southern, Central and Northern California as needed.

Please submit a cover letter and resume for review.

We look forward to meeting with you!

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