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Passion. That’s the common attribute of those that work for our organization.

The Happy Campers Preschool Teacher's primary purpose is to utilize their skills, knowledge and judgment to develop and create appropriate curriculum plans for children. 


  • Set limits and appropriate consequences for the child and the group in care (teacher-child ratio 1 to 12).
  • Facilitate individual and group controls.
  • Encourage conformity with established schedules and routines.
  • Supervise the following activities:
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Personal belongings.
  • Nutrition, snacks, and lunch.
  • Participate and encourage children to participate in center activities.
  • Be familiar with, participate in, and make use of philosophy, and the facilities of programs offered.
  • Maintain professional standards and provide a positive role model for the child and group by:
  • Maintaining supportive relationships with other staff.
  • Maintaining high standards of personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Maintaining appropriate standards of neatness and dress
  • Maintaining a clear focus towards developing independence and positive self-esteem.
  • Separate "home life" problems from work.
  • Facility maintenance is everyone's responsibility (children and staff). Children depending on their developmental level are expected to help clean up after activities such as lunch, snacks, inside/outside activities, crafts, etc. Teachers are expected to ensure that the center’s classrooms, bathrooms, inside/outside activity areas, kitchen, and lounge are clean, safe, sanitary, and in good repair at all times.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Report to the Director or Program Manager.


  • Title 22, Division 12, Chapter 1. Child Day Care General Licensing requirements, Section 101216 Personnel Requirements.
  • Title 22, Division 12, Chapter 2. Day Care Centers. Subchapter 1. Basic Requirements. Section 101316.2 Teacher Qualification and Duties (prior to employment a teacher shall have completed 6-semester units or equivalent quarter units in early childhood education with a passing grade; at least 2 units or equivalent quarter units each semester until the education requirement has been met).
  • Sound personal qualifications--maturity, stability, physical and mental health.
  • California driver’s license.


  • Ability to physically manage children (up to 40 lbs.)-carrying; positioning children
  • Ability to sit at a computer for 1-2 hours
  • Ability to go up and downstairs and transition up from the floor with ease


  • Understanding the needs of children, families and coworkers in a child daycare center.
  • Genuine love of working with children and able to develop effective and meaningful relationships with children.
  • Contemporary understanding of children and theories of child development.
  • Able to work individually and as a team member.

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