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Silent Auction and Lobster Feed

LSF Children and Family Services in northern California would like to acknowledge our sponsors and the individuals who donated and registered for our 2018 fundraiser. The 7th Annual "Stepping Up to Change Lives" Fundraiser would not have been a success without your support and contribution! We hope the individuals who attended the Lobster Feed and Auction had a great time on September 22, 2018.

Thank you again from all of us at Life Steps!


Special Thanks to...

Individual Sponsor

  • Bruce & Linell McKenzie

Individual Donors

  • Bruce Ferry
  • Anne Oliva
  • Alexis & Kaiden Wong
  • Frances Mary Kuehner
  • Joe & Jenny Chen
  • Monelle, Lael, & Elsie Jerane Palencia
  • Ric Bulatao
  • Kai Martin
  • Alexis & Kaiden Wong
  • Kevin & Rachelle Bresnahan
  • Joseph V. Pham & Erin E. Wilson
  • Anders Fung
  • Craig Vacdes
  • Ya-Ling Pan
  • Maureen Davis
  • Christie Chiang
  • Christ Wu
  • Poelke Family
  • Willis Wong & JoAnn Lyons
Additional Supporters...
  • Kim Steven Parker
    Maria Russo
    Barbara Farnham
    Nick Lynch
    Erik Floyd
    Patrick Logiudie
    Jillian Santos
    Allen Lee
    Mimi Lee
    Richard & Phyllis Lee
    Abe & Diana Millando
    Raquel Davidson
    William Interiano
    Cynthia Fong-Wan
    Rudy Wen
    Diana Allen
    Leo Bulaltao
    Ana Garcia

  • Melody Haworth
    Celeste Marchese
    Tracy & Ken Kohtz
    Linda Small
    Liz Medalle
    Christine Bell
    Maile Ogasawara
    Marcelline Saunders
    Judith Ng
    Pauline Arneberg
    Pattee Court
    Maureen Olgniczeak
    Cathy Coggins

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