Meet Our Client Abraham

In his early 90s, Abraham Magana often serenades Santa Maria Wisdom Center staff and friends. A participant at the LSF SMWC, he is a self-taught musician who plays 11 instruments including the guitar, violin, cello, and accordion. Quite a talent in itself, but more so as he is totally blind. He attended just three years of school prior to picking cotton in Mexico. While still a teenager, he met his late wife Maria with whom he had a large family. Mr. Magana traveled back and forth to work in the fields of California and his wife supplemented their income as a seamstress. They moved to the United States permanently in 1975. A former member of a mariachi band called Los Costenos Del Valle, we look forward to many more years of beautiful music with Mr. Magana, our very own nonagenarian mariachi player!

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