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Wee Play

(In Partnership With Cu Family Child Care)

Wee Play is a peer group experience for toddlers and parents. It aims to bring children and families together for mutual learning and a team approach to ensure children are prepared for future success in school and other community environments. Wee Play staff work with parents so that they learn how to advocate for their child's future needs. 

Wee Play is a "natural environment" program, i.e, it provides activities in environments enjoyed by all children and families regardless of differences in development. 

Children learn through play, so Wee Play staff design fun activities that attract children's interests. Teachers help children socialize, make changes from one activity to another, develop attention skills, use language, and cope with emotional challenges.


A typical program schedule includes:

  • Free Play: Children are greeted and greet others. They are helped to make play choices, solve problems and test their ideas. 
  • Circle Time: Songs and rhymes help children learn how to participate during a teacher-lead group experience. 
  • Snack Time: Children learn the routine of preparing, eating and cleaning up. They learn how to handle utensils and socialize. 
  • Physical Activities: These activities help children integrate sensory experiences that develop coordination and balance. Eye-hand tasks promote fine-motor skills and senory awareness. 
  • Clean-up Time and Farewell Song: A good-bye routine, which helps children learn, over time, about ending and reuniting. 

Twice a month, you and your child will receive up to 90 minutes of additional training, emphasizing your child's specific needs, during home visits. 

How Does Wee Play Work

With your help, Wee play starts by determining your child's strengths and needs. Then, an individual program plan (IPP) is developed with the goals you identify for your child. We will consult with you so that the plan covers your child's developmental needs in physical, cognitive, social, language and self-help domains. 

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