ED5K Fundraiser

1st Annual Earth Day 5k Run/Walk

Thank you for your participation.

Life Steps Foundation in Southern California would like to acknowledge our sponsors and the individuals who have contributed to our 1st Annual Earth Day 5k Run/Walk event. Due to COVID-19, we have changed our setting location to online. The event is now our first Virtual Earth Day 5k Run/Walk  occurring on Saturday, October 24, 2020. Our fundraising event would not be possible without your support! For more information, please visit here.



Special Thanks To...

  • Smart & Final, Target, CVS, Costco | Commerce, Stater Bros.

Individual Donors

  • Peatibha Pathak
  • Benel Se
  • Stephen Victoriano
  • Alina Fleming
  • Nick Nascimento
  • Frances Gilek
  • Jim Gilek
  • Beatrice Bojorquez
  • Martha Navarro
  • Octavio Fierros
  • Elvia Serrano
  • Raphael Espano-Peza
  • Zarah Espano-Peza
  • Araceli Aruiz
  • Marilyn Chang-Ruiz
  • Ceres Franco
  • Eileen Fisler
  • Maria Emmanor Rigonan
  • Aaron Grate
  • Josephine Brosas
  • Robert Collins
  • Kimberly Kirkley
  • Wanda York
  • Ann Salvador
  • Grace Li
  • Ruby Fletes
  • Nathaniel Peza
  • Abigail Peza
  • Nelson Peza
  • Catalina Peza
  • Pauline Arnerberg
  • Awi Ramli
  • Dylan Ramli 
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