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Meet J.U.

Meet J.U.

"This year marks J.U. 6 years at the LSF Social Dynamics Day Program. J.U. is fully ambulatory and is able to communicate his wants and needs verbally. He is also capable of holding a conversation with others." said Stephen Victoriano, Program Manager/ Administrator, LSF Northern California Adult Services- Social Dynamics Program. The Social Dynamics program is a day center for adults with developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges.
Mr. Victoriano states, "J.U. is constantly moving about with high levels of energy and appears restless most of the day. He is able to complete tasks with prompting by his educator. J.U. is friendly and greatly enjoys socializing with staff and peers." J.U loves spending his time out in the community with his group while taking walks around the neighborhood, traveling to local parks, the beach, etc. Mr. Victoriano states, "Overall, it has been a good year for J.U. and his educator is exploring better ways to further engage J.U." We applaud you Mr. J.U.!

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