Children & Family

Northern California

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We work to raise awareness and help people affected by our cause. 

In Northern California, our LSF Children and Family Services Affiliate focuses on meeting the unmet needs of our youngest community members. For infants and toddlers, from birth to 3 years old, who have developmental disabilities, are at-risk of developmental delays, or have a diagnosis of developmental disabilities, we offer in-home and center-based early intervention programs that support and maximized infant and toddlers development, foster family involvement, and enhance parent/child relationships.

Current Services

  • Early Intervention: our trained staff provide one-on-one in-home training to help promote a child's development of language, motor skills, and cognitive, social-emotional and self-help abilities. 
  • Center-Based Day Preschool and Childcare Programs: including a special new inclusion-based We Play We Learn Preschool Program located in the scenic coastal community of Pacifica, CA 

Upcoming Events

  • LSF CAFS Day- October 28th, 2015
  • Giving Tuesday- December 1st, 2015
  • Family Event- January 30th, 2016
  • Cocktail Donor Reception for Donors- January 9th, 2016

LSF CAFS supporter spotlight!

Thank you Millbrae Community Foundation for awarding us with a $2,900 grant to purchase funiture for the children. 

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